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At Chrysalis retreats, we seek to provide the optimum setting for people wishing to explore the potential for personal growth and healing that can occur within a psychedelic experience.

We believe it is our right to use these medicines and tools, however it is not currently legal to do so in the UK. Therefore, we run our retreats near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, where psilocybin truffles are legal to buy and ingest.

We believe that an individual has the right to seek out their own growth, healing and to claim sovereignty over their body and mind.


Upcoming Retreats

No upcoming events at the moment

Meet the Team

Adam and Jane are the founders of Chrysalis Retreats and both have a significant amount of professional and personal experience working with people therapeutically. They are both fully qualified psychotherapists in the UK and believe passionately that for many people, psychedelics can be deeply transformative.

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